Constant search for quality while respecting our land and biodiversity.

In 2005 Andrea and Joséphine Falchetti chose to build a sustainable and organic farm on a classic olive and vineyard terroir: very calcareous and sandy, not very clayey: they say that the more the plant suffers, the better the oil comes. We have recovered under management an olive grove of 200 old trees and planted 2200 shrubs to enrich the potential of our Cru with 8 varieties certified IGP Tuscan in all.

In 2013 we have turned our entire company into organic out of respect for our ecosystem, our land, the people who work with us and also to give you a 100% healthy product.

We only look for the quality of the oil we produce year after year, not the quantity of the oil. We are always the first to pick the olives, the first or second week of October, to enhance the aromas and offer you intense flavors of fresh olives. We filter the whole product with cardboard filters to ensure that our oils do not age prematurely in contact with the micro-particles of olives that remain in the oil after pressing.

We have developed our different Cru: Light, Classic and Strong, together with starred Chefs to give you very intense assemblages to use with your various dishes. We also prepare custom made crus on request thanks to the great variety of scents and tastes of our different olives and modern pressing techniques that we use to enhance the aromas.

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